Local, national and international organizations are involved with addressing access to affordable water. These organizations are engaged in on-the-ground advocacy and fact-finding, legal assistance, legislative changes, and direct action campaigns.
Michigan Welfare Rights 

The union for pubic assistance recipients and low income people

We The People of Detroit

On the ground canvasing, fact-finding, data gathering and water rights hotline.

People’s Water Board

A coalition of local, national and international organizations in Detroit united for water as a human right.

Michigan Legal Services

Advocates for public policies that address root causes of poverty, currently involved in litigation and legislative reform around Michigan’s access to safe, affordable water. 


Offers know-your-rights trainings and legal observers for civil disobedience and protests, supports legal and legislative action around water rights, and represents individuals who have been prosecuted for “illegal hookups” to water.

East Michigan Environmental Action Council

Grassroots organization that empowers Detroiters in issues around environmental justice.

Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management

An organization established to respond to issues around democratic control and emergency management in Michigan. 

Flow  for  Water

A legal advocacy group whose mission is to advance public trust solutions to save the Great Lakes. The organization specializes in research and authors white papers.

Michigan Coalition for Human Rights 

Empowers regional and local communities to fight for human rights, such as water.

aclu of michigan

The Michigan branch of the American Civil Liberties Union which supports investigative journalism and legislative action around water in Michigan.

Circle of Blue

Reliable, on the ground information about water around the world.

Fisher, Sheehan & Colton

Economist and Lawyer who authored an extensive water affordability plan for Detroit.

Food and Water Watch

A Washington DC-based NGO that focuses on corporate and government accountability related to food, water and fishing. 


A national coalition of organizations working to pass legislation for safe, affordable water.


Social action organization focused on clean water, public health, and governmental accountability.

United Nations

Advocates and enforces the human right to safe, affordable drinking water.