Interactive Segments

Detroit’s Bankruptcy, Emergency Management and High Debt


Assistance vs. Affordability

Why are Some People Hesitant to Regionalize the System?

Forward with Regionalization

Great Lakes Water Authority Bilaws

Download (PDF, 1.06MB)

Read the signed Memorandum of Understanding regarding the formation of the GLWA

Download (PDF, 2.31MB)

Read the lease agreements between the GLWA and the city of Detroit

Download (PDF, 9.68MB)

Watch Mayor Duggan’s full proposal of the GLWA to city council

Read Curt Guyette’s article GLWA’s admissions that it is ill prepared to offer affordable water

Read Council Member Sheffield’s reasons for why she voted against GLWA

Download (PDF, 137KB)

Read the GLWA’s initial plans for water affordability (or see Curt’s article, above.)

Download (PDF, 3.45MB)

Fractured Reality: New Downtown Residents versus Longterm Detroiters

What does Detroit Future City have to do with Water?

How Detroit Subsidizes Corporations

Long Term Consequences of Regional Pollution


Is Water Running in Abandoned Houses While Occupied Homes are Being Shut off?